The department is equipped with two full-fledged computer lab. A total of 80 configuration computers are available to the students. All the computers are networked via Ethernet. A range of Operating systems like Windows, XP, Vista and Red Hat Linux are available. To ensure that the students learning is not interrupted by power cuts, all labs are protected 100% with online Uninterrupted Power Supply. The Department has a dedicated Internet Connectivity of 10 Mbps.


Operating system: Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7

Application/Development Software:

Java, MS-SQL, Turbo C/ C++, Visual Studio .NET,  Tomcat web server, MS Office.

HARDWARE SERVICING LAB:Pentium D Processors with add on cards, HDD, CD Drive, DVD Writer, Dot matrix Printer, Laser Printer, External Modem, TV tuner card, CPU Trainer module, Digital Camera, Web Camera, Scanner